SafeSeal Quattro Self-Sealing Sterilisation Pouches

The perfect balance of seal strength and integrity, to prevent leakage and ensure clean opening every time.

  • STRONG SEAL: secure, extra wide chevron seal protects against instrument breaching
  • MEDICAL GRADE PAPER: High quality porous medical grade paper that meets medical standards
  • LIGHTLY BLUE TINTED FILM: Facilitates both easy instrument viewing and identification of puncture or tears in the film. High grade materials ensure clean separation of paper and film
  • WIDE SELF-SEAL ADHESIVE STRIP: Easily and securely seals the pouch and provides reliable seal until pouch is opened
  • PERFORATED FOLD: Facilitates easy and accurate folding of adhesive strip to form airtight seal until pouch is opened
  • THUMB NOTCH: Assures easy opening of pouch
  • INDICATOR: The assurance of confirming sterilization parameters in one easy step: Time, Temperature & Steam with internal & external indicators printed directly on the pouch
88000470mm x 229mm6 boxes x 200 pcs
88005489mm x 133mm5 boxes x 200 pcs
88010489mm x 229mm6 boxes x 200 pcs
88015457mm x 102mm10 boxes x 200 pcs
880304191mm x 330mm5 boxes x 200 pcs
880354254mm x 356mm5 boxes x 200 pcs
880404305mm x 432mm5 boxes x 200 pcs
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Standard Compliance

AAMI ST-79, EN 868-5, ISO 11140-1, ISO 11607-1:2017


Dental, Medical


133mm x 254mm, 191mm x 330mm, 254mm x 356mm, 305mm x 432mm, 57mm x 102mm, 70mm x 229mm, 89mm x 133mm, 89mm x 229mm




200 pcs per box

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